The D-word. SMH. Probably one of the devil’s biggest tricks these days. Facebook, CNN, gossip, you name it. Lot’s of folks have definitely been distracted by this presidential election, which has been the most controversial election I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. People are out in the streets rioting because they’re mad at who won the election. My Facebook newsfeed has been polluted by so much negativity through people’s hostile statuses- as if that’s going to make a positive difference. Distractions. I’m sick of them all.

I’m trying to get somewhere. Period. I believe that God has a purpose and plan for my life and I refuse to forfeit it. I refuse to be connected to people who’d rather spend more time exerting negative energy about what they don’t like in the world rather than standing up to make a positive impact. I’m serious. “Lord Give Me You” is what my heart cries out. “God, my mind is all jacked up. I know you’ve got the power to fix it.” “God I’m messed up, please fix me. I don’t want to be this way.” Most of all lately, I’ve been asking God to help me FOCUS and not get consumed by this world. Oh I’m definitely not too Holy to admit that some things of the world are quite tempting (even Jesus was tempted in the wilderness but He resisted- Mathew 4:1-11). Wealth, fame, attractive men, power, status, success…yes yes these things cross my mind frequently. DISTRACTIONS. Without God governing my life, these things will only lead to self-destruction.

I’m really learning (more now than ever before) the power of prayer and God’s word. In Ephesians 6:18, Apostle Paul tells us to pray ALWAYS. In Matthew 4:4 Jesus declares that man shall not live on natural food (alone) but on every word of God. So, if we are too distracted to spend time on our knees and in God’s word, we are bound to fall HARD. If we get so caught up in who our new president is that we forget who is Lord over our lives, we’ll end up like the the folks who walk by sight and NOT by faith- hostile and stressed. No thanks, been there, done that. It does no good. When I’m not in God’s word and when I’m not praying like I should, IT IS SO OBVIOUS. I’m irritable, like REALLY. In a bad mood and have no logical reason to be. I start thinking of all the things people have done to offend me. Just dumb stuff. That’s obviously Satan’s way of trying to penetrate my mind. BUT when I’m prayer and STUDYING God’s word, I am at my BEST. “Lord give me you.”

When I say my schedule is busy, it’s BUSY. I’m awake by 5:30am on Mondays. But I’ve learned I can never be too busy for God. What if He was too busy for me. I’d be OUT OF LUCK. Actually, I’d be OUT OF A LIFE. How rude to just take another day from the Lord without spending some time to give thanks and pray. That’s the LEAST  I can do. If I have to get up earlier than normal just to give Him time, I will do it. Praying before you get your day started will give you the strength to combat and defeat anything that will try to come against you. The devil is busy, but he’s not worth giving a millisecond to. Kick distractions. Abstain from whatever you need to abstain from to stay focused. Personally, I often abstain from TV- there’s nothing much on there but a whole bunch of junk we (Christians) have no business watching in the first place (but that’s for a whole different blog. Stay tuned). Bottom line is, no matter how many people love me, they can’t do for me nowhere near what God can and will do if I stay focused on Him. “Lord Give me You.”

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